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The Illuminati (The Cult) Exposed


A Cult of Dark Druids & The Dark Moon Sacrifice


The Dark Druids of the Illuminati who sometimes attend Bohemian Grove in the USA to sacrifice the effigy Care to the Demon Molochi have proven to be Active throughout the mists of time. They have been caught in modern times Killing and re-enforcing their power in the World in an attempt to instill a world Dictatorship Government in a De-populated World with an Implanted slave workforce.

The Dark Moon is a time of Ritual in Druidry and is no different to the Druids of the Illuminati. The Illuminati believe in Human Blood Sacrifices as they have been corrupted by stupidity and Roman Propaganda that the old Celtic Druids practiced Human Sacrifice, which is NOT True, but the Dark Druids of the Illuminati DO conduct Human Blood Sacrifices at Pagan Festival times one of which involves the power of the Dark Moon.

Druid Lore & Pythagorean Numerology is abundant in the affairs of the Dark Druids of The Illuminati. Research them yourself.

Moon Phases Calender
(Check The Dark Moon Days of the Years Yourself)


Recent Activities of The Illuminati:


John F Kennedy Assassination November 22 1963


John F Kennedy Jr was Assassinated by the Illuminati on the 22nd of November 1963. The Date 22 is a Pagan Ritual Number. It is from Pythagorean Numerology and has occult and Shamanic Influences behind it. (See The Illuminati and Pythagorean Numerology below).

The number 22 is a Master number and has the name of The Master Builder. It signifies an unusual ability to achieve goals. It is about creating an Empire and leaving a legacy. It is also about Great thinkers who are able to fulfil their potential.

This was significant to the Illuminati as they had to Assassinate the Kennedy Family as they were the Illuminati's rivals in the power game in the USA.

The 22nd of November is also 7 Days after the Dark Moon of 15th November. This number (seven) is significant to Druids as well as The Dark Druids of the Illuminati. The number Seven is a Highly spiritual number in Pythagoras Numerology and the fact that 7 days after the Dark Moon of the 15th JFK was thus Sacrificed to the Demi-God Yaldabaoth by the American Illuminati who then went on to consolidate their grip on power by Assassinating JFK's Brother Robert and then John F Kennedy's son John Thereby almost ending the Kennedy Bloodline.

The number Seven was considered a spiritual number by Pythagoras, the Great Father of numerology and mathematics. The shape of 7 is similar to a shepherd’s crook. It symbolizes the uninterrupted flow of kundalini from the lower end of the spine to the third eye that lies in the forehead and between the two eyes.

The third eye is called the Tisra Til or the Tenth Gate in mystical circles. It is also considered as the secret gateway that provides you an opening to the inner worlds.

The Illuminati's Goal was to create a new Empire in the USA and the United Kingdom but they had to kill and corrupt their rivals in America and The United Kingdom to achieve this Empire (The Anglo-American Empire) and so they the Dark Druids of The Illuminati sacrificed the American President to Sanctify their sick plans to the Demi God Yaldabaoth.

Link to Yaldabaoth Lore (Gnosticism: see Gnostic Creation of the World - Nag Hammadi Library)




Martin Luther King Jr Assassination April 4 1968


Martin Luther King Jr was Assassinated by the Illuminati on April 4th 1968 which is the Spiritual number days (Seven) from the Dark Moon of the 28th March. This is the same number of days from the Dark Moon that John F Kennedy was Assassinated under.

The Illuminati used the same Ritual Number (Seven, The Spiritual Number) in Both JFKs and Martin Luther King's Assassinations From the Respective Dark Moon Day in both cases.

This is Proof of A conspiratorial Link in Both Assassinations carried out by The Illuminati in the 60s.


John Lennon Assassination 8th December 1980


John Lennon was Assassinated on the 8th December 1980 by the Illuminati in the USA. He was Sacrificed under the auspicous of the Saggitarius Dark Moon of the 7th December. 7 is a Mystical number in Druidry and it is noted as such by the Dark Druids of the Illuminati as well. Also the key planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the 5th planet from the Sun, which happens to be the biggest planet in the solar system , this 5 is the trinity number (3) from, the 8th, the day of John's Assassination.

The symbol of Sagittarius is the Centaur / The Archer (A ballistic weapon Warrior), this was why the mind controlled Assassin was ordered to use a ballistic weapon (The Gun).

He was Assassinated because he was a Peace lover as well as an Activist and also the Biggest Rock Start at the Time.


John Smith MP Assassination May 12 1994


John Smith MP was the Labor Party Leader in 1994 and was a Shoe-In to be the next United Kingdom Prime Minister. Unfortunately for the Illuminati he was not a Cultist Sycophant. So he had to be replaced by one of the Illuminati's own chosen sycophants Tony Blair MP.

John Smith MP was Assassinated by the Illuminati on the 12th of May 1994 which is in the auspicious (Up to 3 Days either way of that particular date) of the Dark Moon of the 10th May. That's just 2 Days. He was poisoned by an Assassin and died of a Heart Attack after appearing fit and well just days beforehand.


Princess Diana Assassination August 31 1997


Princess Diana was a threat to the Illuminati Royal Family in the United Kingdom as well as a threat to the Establishment in the US. The Royal Family had her Assassinated so that Charles could remarry and then his wife become Queen with him as King.

Princess Diana was Assassinated on the 31 August 1997 which is just 1 Day before the Dark Moon of 1st September. This is in the auspicious of the September 1st Dark Moon. The Illuminati's Dark Druids Assassins carried out the Assassination.


Unlawful Killing Documentary


September 11 2001 Terrorist Attack (9/11)



The 9/11 Attacks Were Planned and Organized by the Illuminati in 2001 in an attempt to further the Hegemony of The Anglo-American Empire. This mass Sacrifice by the Illuminati on the American People as Well as the Duped Muslim extremists who the Illuminati hired to carry out these attacks was carried out on the Pythagorean Numerology and Ritual Master Number of 11.

This number is the Seer Number and is a powerful intuition number , it is a very Spiritual Number and the Dark Druids of the Illuminati Basterdised the Spiritual Number with a Human Blood Sacrifice of over 2000 human beings who were sacrificed to the Illuminati's Demon God Yaldabaoth to further their aims with the Sanctified blood of Innocents in a Blood Ritual Sacrifice.

That's why the September 11 attacks in America were carried out on the 11th, The Druid Master Number.


Loose Change (9/11 Exposed) Documentary


Start of 2nd Gulf War 20th March 2003


The Illuminati ordered their Sycophant US & UK Puppet Politicians to Start the 2nd Gulf war on the 20th March 2003. This is within 2 Days of the auspicious of the Libra Full Moon (Libra is the 7th Zodiacal Sign) of the 18th March and within 1 Day of the auspicious of the Spring Equinox (Alban Eilir in Druidry). This was a Human Blood Ritual Sacrifice of American, United Kingdom as well as Iraqi People in a War to Further the Hegemony of the Illuminati's Anglo-American Empire and sanctify the Mass Sacrifice of Souls during the War.


End of 2nd Gulf War 18 December 2011



The Illuminati ordered their Sycophant US & UK Puppet Politicians to End the 2nd Gulf War on the 18th December 2011, This is in the 3 days auspicious of the Winter Solstice (Alban Arthan in Druidry). This date at Alban Arthan was the Closing Ritual of the Mass Sacrifice of souls during the 2nd Gulf War.


London Terror Bombings July 7 2005 (7/7)


The London Bombings of 7th July 2005 were carried out by Muslim extremists hired by The Illuminati. The Number 7 is a Ritual Spiritual Number and on that year and month the Dark Moon was on the 5th of July that's just 2 days, well within the auspicious of the Dark Moon.


7/7 London Bombing Documantary


The Illuminati's Vision Implant Experiment UK 12th February 2006


The Illuminati's Vision Implant was given to the United Kingdom Government whereby they then tested out the Prototype Implant on an unsuspecting UK Citizen (John Duffy). They kidnapped the citizen on the night of the Full Moon of the 12th of February and implanted him with the Vision Implant in the Occipital Lobe which is the Visual Processing Area of the Brain. This implant has a torture part to it and is the Implant that the Illuminati want to roll out all over this planet in a Depopulated and Implanted Dystopia.


Arron Russo Assassinated, Died 24th August 2007


Arron Russo with one of the Rockerfellers


Arron Russo was approached by the Illuminati but he rejected them and exposed them in an interview with Alex Jones. He was then Assassinated by the Illuminati, he was poisoned with a cancer inducing chemical poison by an Illuminati Assassin for rejecting the Illuminati and exposing them.


Alex Jones Interviews Aaron Russo on The Illuminati before Russo was Assassinated


Peaches Geldof Assassinated on 7th April 2014


Peaches Geldof Was poisoned with a drugs overdose on the 7th April 2014. She was Assassinated by The Illuminati on the Ritual Days of 7 (Spirit number) which is also 21 Days (21 has the Numerology Number of 3, and is also 21 Divided by 7 to give 3 and also 3 weeks exactly) before the Dark Moon of the 28th April and 7 Days before the Full Moon of the 14th April. She was Sacrificed for some unknown as yet reason. Was she Assassinated for the UK Whistleblower saying the Scots Word Peach every now and then in Public, 7 is also the Whistleblowers code number for Himself (The Date she Died on as well as the date that Lilly Allen was poisoned.


Lilly Allen Poisened 7th May 2014


Lilly Allen was poisened by the Illuminati in the United Kingdom on 7th May 2014. This date is 21 Days (3 Weeks) Before the Dark Moon of the 28th May. This is the Spirtual Number (7) times the Trinity Number (3) to make the number 21 which in Numerology is the number 3)

3 Weeks before the Dark Moon of the 21st Lilly Allen was poisoned because her Father made a Whistleblowing Documentary on the Royal Family (Banned in the United Kingdom) Which a UK Whistleblower (John Duffy) then Broadcast in Britain (The UK Whistleblower was Tortured by the UK Government using an Implant for Broadcasting this Documentary)


UK Whistleblower being Tortured by UK Government Nightshade Implant


Rik Mayall Assassinated on 9th June 2014


Richard Michael Mayall was Assassinated on the 9th June 2014 by the UK Illuminati. The 9th June is within the auspicious of the Sagittarius (9th Sign of the Zodiac) Full Moon of the 12th June (Which has the Pythagorean Numerology Number of 3 the Trinity Number). Rik's Numerology Destiny number is 9 which is also the day he was Assassinated.

Rik Mayall was Assassinated by the UK Establishment Illuminati because he played a Student on TV and a Movie Called Drop Dead Fred. He was chosen for sacrifice because the UK Whistleblower was a student when he was implanted with the Illuminati's Vision Implant and the Whistleblower was trying to bring down the UK Establishment & Conservative Government.

It was the UK Establishment Illuminati Gloating that they were going to Assassinate (The movie Drop Dead Fred) the UK Whistleblowing Implantee when he was in an American Military base to get the UK Implant removed.


Patsy Byrne Assassinated on 17th June 2014


Patsy Byrne was Assassinated by the UK Establishment Illuminati on the 17th June 2014. She was Assassinated on this day because it (17) is the UK Whistleblowers code for The Operation to Remove the Implant. Also Patsy Most Famous role was as Nursie In Blackadder II alongside Rik Mayal. She played the nurse to the Queen.

This was the final part in a 3 Celebrities Assassinated (Sacrificed) with 1 poisoned. Peaches Geldof, Lilly Allen (poisoned) and Rik Mayall with the Final 3rd Death of Patsy on the date of the 17th.

Peaches, Rik and Patsy were Murdered by the Dark Druids of the UK Establishment.

This was a message from the UK Establishment Illuminati that the UK Whistleblower would be Assassinated in a Military Hospital and that the UK Establishment were behind it.


Prince Assasination 21st April 2016


Prince openly spoke about the Illuminati in the music industry and exposed them live on Television. He was then assassinated by an Illuminati Assassin on the night of the Full Moon of the 21st April 2016. He was Sacrificed by the Dark Druids of the Illuminati for Exposing them on TV and they killed him on the Full Moon Ritual on the 21st which was 2 weeks since the Dark Moon of the 7th April this can be interpreted in numerology by the 7th Dark Moon multiplied by the Trinity number 3 (The Pagan Triple Goddess and In Christianity, the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost) to get the Date 21st which coincidently was also the Full Moon.

These Coincidences did not go amiss by the Dark Druids and was the Reason the Illuminati got their revenge on Prince by Sacrificing him on the Full Moon of the 21st (7*3)

The UK's Milgram Experiment 4th or 5th January 2015.

The UK Government Kidnapped a family of 5 mentally ill British Civilians and placed them in a safe house with torture machines in every bedroom. This was within the auspicious of the Cancer Full Moon of the 4th January. The Family were Drugged and implanted with the Vision Implant. One of the Civilians then used the torture machine in his bedroom to torture John Duffy (The Whistleblower) into Fleeing the country whereby The UK Whistleblower was further tortured by the UK Government via the civilian and his Torture Machine. The Whistleblower was Tortured in a Hotel in Dublin Using the Vision Implant (The Nightshade Implant).
The UK Government then Several Months later kidnapped a further group of Experimentees, this time over 300 disabled people most of whom are Little People including 3 little woman and 2 big woman. The First Family Kidnapped then Tortured John For Several More Years in front of the implantees who were all being experiemnted on and were in communication with John via the Implants Communication part and were trying to survive.The implantees are now being starved with no food.
This was a Network Experiment For the Illuminati's Vision Implant as well as The UK Illuminati Establishments Milgram Experiment, a repeat of the infamous US Experiement, this time in the United Kingdom on The Whistleblower and Implantee John Duffy.


The Illuminati and Pythogrean Numerology

What Are Master Numbers?

In numerology, essentially every single-digit number, IE: numbers 0 to 9, holds a specific meaning. When these single-digit numbers are combined to form double-, triple-, quadruple-, and quintuple-digit numbers, meaning is derived from a combination of these.

If we had to consider the number 1234, the symbolism of this number would be a combination of the meaning associated with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Similarly, should we want to know the meaning behind a number such as 444, we would consider the meaning related to the single-digit 4. However, in this case, the meaning is intensified as the number 4 is repeated three times.

When it comes to master numbers, there are only three to speak of, and they are all double-digit numbers. These three master numbers are said to be an expression of what is called the triangle of enlightenment.

The master numbers in numerology are the numbers 11, 22, and 33. We call them master numbers because they hold more power and possibility than any other number in a numerology chart.

It is worth mentioning that, while the numbers 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 are not master numbers, they have a powerful influence. However, their power is not as strong as that of the master numbers.

The Spiritual Number 7 Meaning

The number Seven was considered as a spiritual number by Pythagoras, the Great Father of numerology and mathematics. The shape of 7 is similar to a shepherd’s crook. It symbolises the uninterrupted flow of kundalini from the lower end of the spine to the third eye that lies in the forehead and between the two eyes.

The third eye is called the Tisra Til or the Tenth Gate in mystical circles. It is also considered as the secret gateway that provides you an opening to the inner worlds.

The Master Number 11 Meaning

11 is the bringer of spiritual awareness and a devout supporter of humankind. It is truly a messenger of the universe. The most remarkable characteristic of the Master Number 11 is its connection to a higher source of wisdom. It is intuitive to the point of being psychic, channeling its knowledge and meaning from a spiritual source. But the Master Numbers have a responsibility, and it's the number 11's duty to use this gift of awareness to deliver cosmic truths that encourage humanity.

All Master Numbers are a higher vibration of their single-digit counterpart -- in the 11's case, the number 2. This means the 11 carries many of the same traits as the number 2, such as harmony, empathy, and sensitivity, but it feels them and utilizes them in much deeper, more profound ways. It's also important to remember that the number 11 is comprised of two 1s side by side and, therefore, carries some attributes of the number 1 as well. 1 is innovative and motivated, open to new things and eager to make a difference.

The Master Number 22 Meaning

The number 22 is one of three very important double-digit numbers in Numerology: the Master Numbers. 11, 22, and 33 are the only Master Numbers, and their powerful energy is meant to connect us to the spiritual plane and help us find purpose in our existence. Known in Numerology as the "Master Builder," the number 22 channels cosmic wisdom down to Earth and uses it to turn incredible dreams into reality.

The Master Number 22 brings together the spiritual and the material. It trusts its instincts to identify areas where its efforts are needed most. The 22 has been chosen to receive profound insights and its responsibility is to direct them into creating something valuable, true, and meaningful -- something that goes toward the greater good. It is balanced, capable, and up to this extraordinary task.

To understand the meaning of the 22 we can look at the energy of the numbers it's made of. First, it's important to realize that each Master Number is an advanced vibration of its single-digit companion -- for 22, this is the number 4. The energy of the number 4 is practical, dedicated, productive, and hardworking. But looking at the number 22, we see two 2s standing together, so this Master Number also has skills in diplomacy and teamwork -- traits associated with the number 2 that help it gain support from others. And lastly, 22 is twice the number 11, revealing that the 22 possesses the same psychic energy as the 11, but has the ability to turn it into something much greater. This combination of logic, hard work, people skills, and inner wisdom is exactly what makes the number 22 the Master Builder.

The Master Number 33 Meaning

The Master Number 33 is the most advanced on this spiritual path, earning it the grand title of Master Teacher. The Master Number 33 represents pure love. Its heart is made of nothing but bright, warm light and the universe has trusted it to shine this light on humanity. The Master Numbers each have a responsibility to the greater good and it's the 33's responsibility to support and uplift humankind and bring compassion to the world.

It's easy to understand the meaning of the number 33 if we look at the energy of the numbers it's made of. Its single-digit vibration is the number 6, so the 33 will have some similar traits as the 6 like being nurturing, protective, and family-oriented. But it's clear the number 3 is also part of 33, which means being creative and communicative come naturally to this Master Number as well. Lastly, 33 is directly related to the two Master Numbers that come before it, 11 and 22. The 33 embodies both the intuitive, visionary qualities of the 11 and the 22's ability to manifest these visions in the material world. This blend of a soft heart, inspiring outlook, and the ability to understand and communicate concepts of growth and healing are exactly what makes the number 33 the Master Teacher.

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